Carioca Lifestyle


A 'Carioca' is a cheerful and easy going native of Rio de Janeiro, someone whose spirit and heart belongs to the city.

Cariocas are known for their warmth, friendliness and laid back spirit. The beach is the heart of the city's culture and the number one priority is not work or money - it's living! You don't have to be from Rio to be a Carioca though - just embrace a few important traits:

  • Drink a Caipirinha - Brazil's favourite cocktails - always followed by another (see recipe)
  • Eating is a social occasion to be enjoyed with friends - order a platter of tasty snacks and ice cold beers to share
  • Follow Carioca time - punctuality is not a priority - enjoy life  and get there when you get there
  • Greet people with an enthusiastic 'Oi' [ooo eee] and plenty of body contact. Kiss on both cheeks or a handshake and a few brisk pats on the back followed by a prolonged one-armed embrace
  • And of course, wear flip flops at all times!

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