Grey Whales


The little village of Guerrero Negro is half way down the Baja California peninsula. We happened to stumble across it just in the middle of the season when grey whales travel down the pacific coast of Mexico on their way south to feeding grounds. But there is a lagoon just outside Guerrero Negro where over 30 females happened to be breeding, so we went out on a group of about 5 zodiacs to the lagoon, and as we neared, these huge creatures slowly appeared around and beneath our boats. Curious to see who these creatures were in their lagoon, mothers and calves popped their heads out of the water to take a peek at us before going back down and under our boats.

To have a giant of such size swimming under your tiny boat was quite humbling and the friendly and gentle nature of them was amazing. I don’t think I have ever had such a close encounter like this with nature.

Megan, our travelling friend at