An alternative carnival.

Ask anyone about Carnival in Brazil and their thoughts will probably turn automatically to Rio. But forking out for a Sambadrome ticket is not the only way to enjoy this countrywide celebration.

Carnival is a country-wide celebration and one place where you can really get a sense of true Carnival spirit is Olinda in North East Brazil. It is also hugely popular with Brazilians too and is often referred to as the ‘Carnaval do Povo’ meaning the people’s Carnival. The five day carnival takes place in the streets of the colonial centre and is completely free to attend.

There are no barriers to separate the procession from the crowd and everyone just dances along with the parade, creating an amazing atmosphere. You really feel like you are part of the party, not just a spectator. The Brazilians are such lovely, warm and exuberant people and they make you feel completely welcome, so it's like partying amongst friends.

Megan, our travelling friend at chimuadventures.com