Rio Carnival 2016


One of the absolute highlights of Rio de Janeiro’s carnival is the parade of the Rio's top 12 Samba Schools over the nights of Sunday and Monday in the Sambodrome.

Competition is tough & this year there was just 0.10 of a point between first & second place. Points are gained during the school's processions through the Sambodrome. Judges give a score out of 10 on 9 categories including the Theme, the Bateria (procussion section), the Floats & Costumes.

2016 Winners

Mangueira - one of the oldest & most popular Samba Schools have taken the championship this year with a score of 269.8. Their theme was a tribute to beloved Brazilian singer Maria Bethania, an iconic voice in Brazilian music history.

Second place went to Unidos da Tijuca with 269.7 points for their harvest theme. Originating from the slums of Rio this school's parade showed the fertility & richness of Brazilian soil.

Portela took third place with their crowd-pleasing theme "A voyage without end". Their parade featured water jet packs, dinosaurs eating dancers & an enormous Gulliver's Travels float that stood up as they travelled down the Sambadrome.

In the Sambadrome

Take a look at parades of all 12 first league Samba Schools to decide your favourite. 

Carnival Sunday in the Sambadrome

Competition heats up on Day 2


Photo credits: Visit.Rio