Salar de Uyuni


The largest salt flats in the world have probably one of the most surreal landscapes – pure white salt as far as the eye can see topped with bright cornflower blue skies. A recent addition to experiencing the Salar is to stay in a shiny new silver airstream camper. The camper travels with its own 4x4 and has a secondary trailer where your own chef travels and then cooks meals.

On a recent trip there we were lucky enough to be treated to our own private dinner there. We pulled up in the middle of the salt flats, in the blinding sun, to find a table beautifully laid out under a gazebo for us. We were then served a delicious 3 course freshly made meal, with wine and soft drinks. Later on in the day, just as the sun was going down, we pulled up again in the middle of the salt flats, where the little trailer has been set up for us with a table full of canapés and drinks, surrounded by candle lit lanterns. The day ended with us sipping wine wrapped in cosy blankets as the sun set over this breathtaking landscape.

Megan, our travelling friend at